My Love for You Is Something I'm Afraid of

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My love for you is something I'm afraid of.
You're all grown up, and I am still a kid.
You tell me that you love me. I believe it.
But something in me says this isn't good.

You touch me and I melt into your yearning.
You kiss me and I never want to stop.
I dream of you whenever I'm not with you.
And yet I cannot trust you - not just yet.

Yes, love and trust must always go together,
And it's a sign of trouble when they don't.
You are a man, and I not yet a woman,
Too young to know exactly what I want.

You say you'll wait for me, which makes me happy,
As I, too, wait for me to find my way.
Years are sunlit space for me to grow in
Until we can love boldly, eye-to-eye.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Audio and Video Music: Lost Boat. By Damiano Baldoni. Performed by Damiano Baldoni
at the Free Music Archive under an Attribution license.

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