Nothing Is More Mystical than Marriage

Music: Fugue in B Minor for Organ.
By J. S. Bach. Sequenced by Jim Michmerhuizen.

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Nicholas Gordon

Nothing is more mystical than marriage.
In whose eyes do we join such separate souls?
Might we not our private domains damage,
Having long been shaped by different roles?
All we are is joined this day together;
No particle of us is left behind.
Do not imagine two joined by a tether:
However magically, we are combined.
Even so, this marvelous creation,
Far greater than its separate, mundane parts,
Must take its nourishment from our relation,
Having no provider but our hearts.
Each day through doors unseen our spirits move,
Replenishing its empty shelves with love.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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