O Lord, Our Hope and Our Redeemer

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O Lord, our hope and our redeemer,
Shine Your countenance upon us.
Make us this year worthy of Your love.
Empty us upon the thirsty sand
So that You may fill us
With Your goodness and Your grace.

Strengthen our will to do right,
And make us loving and kind.
Make us the friend of the sparrow
And the refuge of the hawk.

Grant us the gift of knowing
That You are our song and our light.
Help us to sing Your sweet music
And nurture our spark of Your glory.

O Lord, our hope and our redeemer,
Help us to serve You with every breath.
Make us the blade of Your healing scalpel.
Make us the balm You apply to each wound.
Make us a blessing to all we encounter.

And then, O Lord, only then
Grant us one more year of joy.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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