Proverbs on the Soul

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1. The sun sings.
The heart answers.
The soul listens.

2. The heart sings.
The sun answers.
The soul listens.

3. Although some say the word "soul" is obsolete, there is no substitute.

4. The soul is the foundation of nothingness upon which the person is built.

5. There is no dualism of body and soul. They are two views of one person.

6. In time the person dies, body and soul, except as a bell reverberates long after it is struck.

7. Outside of time, however, the soul is that part of a person that is eternal and unchanging, the same in every being that ever was and ever will be.

8. We experience the soul in the same way that we experience our thoughts and feelings. But unlike these other experiences, our experience of the soul is our window onto eternity, through which we see the essential truth, beauty, goodness, and oneness of all things.

9. Nothingness is the soul of Being.

10. That is why when we look for the soul we cannot find it. But when we eliminate all else, we find ourselves immersed in its sea.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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