Suppose There Were No Special Times for Greetings

Music: Miss Hamilton.
By Cornelius Lyons. Sequenced at
Ancient Music of Ireland.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Suppose there were no special times for greetings,
Each day equally a holy day.
All things are holy just because of being
Shards of Being, lightning wrapped in clay.
One might then be merry all the time,
Needing no occasion for good cheer,
Seeing in each moment the sublime,
God born in every child throughout the year.
Reasoning thus, one need not leave bereft
Each everyday not specialized for joy.
Eden is a place we never left,
Though smoke and smog our view of it destroy.
In paradise all time is time for glory,
Nor do the angels choose one sacred story.
God is in all things with grace to be,
Shining in all seasons equally.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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