The Last Depression Led to Holocaust

Music: Esquisses: Odi profanum vulgus et arceo.
By Charles Henri Valentin Alkan.
Sequenced by Segundo G. Yogore at Kunst der Fuge.

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Nicholas Gordon

The last depression led to holocaust.
The rationale for massacre is fear.
Long before it starts, the game is lost.
The neighborhood of hate is always here.
The best place to begin is one's own heart.
There the mad dogs pull against their chains,
Lusting to tear some stranger's throat apart,
Rage that only love and patience tames.
Each heart becomes a lantern in a crowd.
Yes, people see according to your light,
As you by theirs -- but speak of love aloud,
Lest other voices drown the coming night.
And do not turn away from victims' cries,
For evil's spooked by nothing more than eyes.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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