This Moment Is a Pedestal

Music: Down by the Sally Gardens.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

This moment is a pedestal
On which I stand to say
What normally I hold within
The sanctum of my heart.

And so it is impossible
For what I feel today
To make it into words without
The agency of art.

I love you, and I've loved you since
Before I knew of love.
And so your happiness to me
Is like a set of wings.

I follow from the mountaintops
And watch you as you move
Into the lifelong mystery
That whispers as it sings.

Ah, brother! Now, and sister, too!*
What worlds you will explore!
What long adventure will go on
With you as man and wife!

And I will cherish both of you
Enchanted on the shore,
And dance within at every joy
That blesses your new life.

*Feel free to reverse the order.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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