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To Be a Child at a Parent's Wedding

Music: Peace Within.
By Peter Rudenko. Performed by Peter Rudenko at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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To be a child at a parent's wedding
Is strange, for there's a hint of darkness there.
The past stands just offshore, although we're heading
Inland into cool, fresh mountain air.
The love you two have found is my love also;
Your happiness this day is also mine.
Where your heart leads you, mine will also follow
As more than two lives in this act combine.
So like a sun that burns off morning mist,
Or like a rainbow gracing a blue sky,
Or like the weeping of the newly blessed,
Or like a deep-felt truth that cannot lie,
This moment is far more than we can be,
Joining you to you, and then to me.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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