Vic and Jennifer Are Deep in Love

Music: Concerto in F, Op.4 No.5, 2nd Movement.
By George Friedrich Handel

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Vic and Jennifer are deep in love.
Quite a couple, people often say.
They also like each other very much,
Which is not, of course, the usual way.

Often people hate the ones they love
Because they feel all tangled in a net
Of needs and expectations they don't want
And know they can't quite get away from--yet.

But Vic and Jennifer are smart enough
To know the need to like the ones they love;
To enjoy what life and love have put before them,
And dance when they don't have the will to move.

Vic has brown hair, Jennifer's a blonde,
But both display the clearest light blue eyes.
Thus they're different, yet they are the same:
A formula familiar to the wise.

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