Vistas of the Past Are All Around Me

Music: Like Starlight Through a Veil.
By Philipp Weigl.
Performed by Philipp Weigl at the Free Music Archive
under an Attribution License.

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Vistas of the past are all around me,
A gallery of memories long gone.
Love in all its variants surrounds me,
Embracing every scene I look upon.
Now is no more near to me than then.
Time is not a highway but a room
In which all moments mingle, mine again.
Nor can I tell the temple from the tomb.
Enduring through this chaos is your love,
'Mid memories the thing that is most real.
So may my heart through loss and longing move,
Delivered by a fortune I can feel.
As I roll upon that restless sea,
You are the anchor holding me to me.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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