Wedding Vows

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

BRIDE: I vow to love you all my life,
In sickness and in health,
And share your journey through this world
In either want or wealth.

I vow to give myself to you,
To trust you with my life,
To be your source of happiness
As lover and as wife.

GROOM: I vow to give you all my love,
To be your lasting friend,
To care for you and comfort you
Till time and trouble end.

I vow to share your happiness
And sorrow, joy and tears,
And be for you the one true thing
That lasts through all your years.

BOTH: These vows we make not knowing what
Good times or ill may come,
But knowing well what we both want:
A joyful, loving home.

These vows we make of our free will
Before you all, that we
Might know the grace that comes to those
Who would long loving be.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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