You Are My Rock, My Anchor, and My Sea

Music: Wann ich des Morgens frueh aufsteh'.
By Ludwig Senfl.
Sequenced by Curtis Clark, at The Internet Renaissance Band

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You are my rock, my anchor, and my sea.
I live within you, yet you hold me fast.
I breathe your soul. Your thoughts so blend with mine
I can't distinguish a dividing line.
Before our love is unimagined past.
There is no after--now is all to me.

Your soft-skinned body's like a wind to me
That stirs the waves on my Sargasso Sea
Until our hungry revelry is past,
Our sweet convulsion holding, holding fast,
Deliciously suspended at the line,
Ah! Then, then swiftly everything is mine!

Yet I am yours as much as you are mine.
Obscenity is when it's all for me.
Between love's give and take there is no line
On our undifferentiated sea.
Your delight in mine, both breathing fast,
Engenders mine in yours, till breath is past.

I love you with a tenderness my past
Could never fathom. Before your love was mine,
The person I remember wasn't me.
There was no rope of love to hold me fast
To life's one truth within its restless sea,
Nor happiness to help me draw a line.

Around ourselves, my love, we've drawn a line
Dividing sacred from profane; once passed,
Again our love is lost upon the sea.
Joy has made me treasure what is mine;
Has made me choose the ways that make me, me;
Has given me the words that hold me fast.

Winds of the world blow wild and free, and fast
Obliterate the most enchanted line.
But there is now a well of love in me
Well past the wind, the turbulence well past,
A serenity within me more than mine,
An inner calm more endless than the sea.

Through love we've found a love past yours and mine.
I will hold fast to what is best in me.
Love draws its own shoreline and pounding sea.

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