You'll Have to Woo Your Wife Again

Music: Tabhair dom do lamh.
By Rory Dall O'Caghan. Sequenced at the
Ancient Music of Ireland.

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You'll have to woo your wife again,
And then again, and then again,
As many times as there are times
A well-worn silence tells you when.

You'll have to play the lover new,
All hot to touch and squeeze and kiss,
All shivery with ecstasy
Unbuttoning the buds of bliss.

You'll have to re-seduce a flesh
Familiar as your own raw nude
With praise and passionate displays
Of need and joy and gratitude.

For you need not give up for life
The pure and simple gift of lust.
A marriage does as marriage is:
The play of pleasure, love, and trust.

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