I Love You, but I'm Not in Love with You

Music: Lo non compro piu speranza.
By Marco Cara.
Sequenced by Curtis Clark at The Internet Renaissance Band.

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I love you, but I'm not in love with you.
I want your friendship minus your desire.
I would not lead you falsely or betray you.
I feel the tenderness, but not the fire.
I have no reason for my lack of yearning,
No explanation for what I don't feel,
No other love to whom I might be turning,
No anguish to suggest this isn't real.
Passion is a horse that knows no master,
And I cannot with fences make it stay.
It must run free towards daylight or disaster,
Awake to glory in no other way.
So I must say what you don't want to hear,
But it's a truth that both of us must bear.

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