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My Husband Cheats. I Look the Other Way

Music: Black Mary.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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My husband cheats. I look the other way.
For the children, of course. I myself am worthless,
Stupid. Humiliation suits me. Each day
I steel myself for words each day more vicious.
But you are like a rainbow in my sky.
I look at you and know life can be good.
You call me gorgeous, I don't wonder why.
And happiness shines through me, as it should.
You, too, bear a cross: Your friend has cancer,
And you will not desert her. I agree.
Our love must be a question, not an answer,
A distant light on hills we cannot see.
Perhaps we are both fools to sacrifice,
Yet in such love is where true beauty lies.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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