Happiness, Even in a Desert

Music: Aria Variata, BVW989, Variation #3.
by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Performed by Brendan Kinsella at the Free Music Archive
under a Copyright-Only Dedication license.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Happiness, even in a desert,
Adjusts well to what moisture it can find.
Perhaps it takes a little extra effort;
Perhaps one needs to keep it more in mind.
Yet one must still depend on celebration,
Holidays transferred from colder climes,
Offering the blessing of relation,
Love that takes the stage at special times.
In such reunions, happiness takes root
Deep enough to tap the deepest well,
Alive and blooming, bearing succulent fruit,
Yearning, yes, for some well-watered dell,
Still able to survive, as time will tell.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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