Happy Mother's Day to Childless Mothers

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Happy Mother's Day to childless mothers
Attending to the progeny of others,
Perhaps as aunts or stepmothers or friends,
Pursuing as their own another's ends,
Yearning still for what will never be,
Making fortune of adversity.
Of course, even children of the blood
Take off in time, returning as they would,
Having their own friends and families,
Embracing or neglecting whom they please.
Remember that the past is never past.
'Mid tidal tumbling are the things that last,
Submerged beneath the restless ebb and flow,
Days of love stored permanently below.
A gift of love can never be in vain,
Yielding memories that life sustain.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Video Music: Lacrima D'esperide. By Damiano Baldoni. Performed by
Damiano Baldoni at the Free Music Archive under an Attribution license.

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