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Below is a list of quote sites that you may want to try out. I will be adding new sites regularly, so please check back.

Please direct all email correspondence to webmaster@poemsforfree.com.

  • A2Z Famous Quotes--Popular quotes, great quotes, knowledge quotes, quotes and sayings.
  • Am I God-Quotes--An archive of religious/spiritual quotes.
  • Be Inspired--Daily inspirational quotes, online or by email.
  • Best of Love Quotes--Love quotes in many categories,from best love quotes to wedding love quotes.
  • Best Quotes Poems--Quotes and poems on a wide range of topics, such as motivational, love, funny, and cute quotes, love poems, friendship poems, and motivational poems.
  • CuteChoice.com--Free quotes, ecards, jokes, poems, celebrity information, famous authors, etc.
  • Cute Quotes--Cute quotations on a variety of topics.
  • Cute Quotes 4U--Inspiring and motivating words about many subjects of life.
  • Famous Quotes and Quotations--A collection of famous quotes organized by subject. Mainly positive or humorous quotes suitable to use for speeches, cards, and celebrations.
  • Great Love Quotes.com--Quotes and poems on a variety of topics.
  • i Love U quotes.com--Quotes to tell people "I love you" in different ways.
  • I Love You Quote--Quotes to tell people "I love you" in different ways.
  • In Love Quotes--Lovequotes, romance quotes, relationship quotes.
  • Inspirational Quotes--Famous inspirational quotes and sayings.
  • Inspirational-Quotes.info--A collection of inspirational and motivational quotes on a variety of topics.
  • Inspirational-Quotes.us--A collection of inspirational and motivational quotes on a variety of topics.
  • Ka-Gold Quotes and Sayings--Quotes and sayings selected by the Spiritual Jewelry artist - David Weitzman.
  • Love and Quotes--Love quotes from best love quotes to wedding quotes.
  • Love Quotes--Love quotes through a variety of filters.
  • Love Quotes--Love quotes in all categories.
  • Love Quotes for All--Love quotes of a large variety of types.
  • Quotes About Life--Database of life quotes and sayings from famous writers, celebrities, philosophers and business people, categorized by subject.
  • Quotes and Sayings --Quotes and sayings on all subjects, including quotes by famous people, by authors, from movies, and much more.
  • Sayings and Quotes --A huge collection of quotes and sayings by various authors, including love quotes, famous quotes, funny quotes and sayings, movie quotes, and sympathy sayings.
  • Self-Improvement: Inspirational Quotes --A potpourri of inspirational quotes from a variety of sources, put together by Jaclyn Crawford.
  • Words of Wisdom 4 U--Inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, and more.

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