Secretaries Seek Some Signs of Pleasure

Music: Miss Noble.
By Turlough O'Carolan. Sequenced at
Ancient Music of Ireland.

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Secretaries seek some signs of pleasure
Emanating from the inner throne.
Clearly, each is an uncherished treasure,
Running the whole office on her own.
Even so, the voice is deferential,
Though the thought knows well who knows the score.
A moment's pause might seem inconsequential;
Remember, though, that patience wins the war.
In every secretary lives an angel,
Empathetic almost to a fault,
Self-sacrificing, sweet, and sentimental,
Deep within a twelve-inch concrete vault.
A decent word, with flowers or chocolate, may
Yet charm the cherub Secretaries Day.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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