Thank You All for Coming Here

Music: Fugue in Eb from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2.
By J.S. Bach. Sequenced by Yo Tomita

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Thank you all for coming here
To celebrate my life.
But most of all I'd like to thank
My lovely, loving wife.

One gives up a lot for love
In freedom, time, and tears,
And makes commitments that must last
For lifetimes, not just years.

What one gets I can see here --
A world one can call home,
A space that's safe for innocence,
A common comfort zone.

And so I'm glad that you have come,
All gathered in this place
To share this bit of birthday joy,
To share this glimpse of grace;

To share this meal with me as I
Another year accrue,
That I might know the happiness
I wish for all of you.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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