This Isn't Love, Not Quite, Though We Will See

Music: Sonata K108.
By Domenico Scarlatti. Performed by
John Sankey.

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Nicholas Gordon

This isn't love, not quite, though we will see.
I like you more than any I have yet.
My hope is this relationship will get
To last as long as it is meant to be.
I want from you what you would want from me:
Affection, pleasure, mutual respect.
I have no great investment to protect,
Nor longing to be spoken for or free.
Yet there is just the hint of some deep motion
Beneath the rock, some movement of the earth,
That tells me there is far much more to come.
Although I walk quite well on my emotion,
Some part of me somewhere is giving birth
To feelings that may rip me from my womb.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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