We Started Out as Friends and Now It's Love

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Music: Pathetique Sonata: Adagio.
By Ludwig von Beethoven.
Performed by Daniel Veesey at the Free Music Archive
under a Public Domain License.

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We started out as friends and now it's love.
How beautiful to move so easily
From comradeship to passionate intimacy,
Pure gain, with no rough edges to remove.
This turn was nothing I'd been thinking of,
No maybes or perhapses, consciously.
I knew desire, but love was not for me
Until I felt my heart from friendship move.
I never felt so happily at home
As I do now, so rich in what life brings.
Your pleasure now is mine, as mine is yours.
I never realized that my life alone
Flitted like a ghost among dead things,
Glancing in through other people's doors.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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