When at the Same Time One Feels Joy and Sorrow

Music: Fugue in B Minor for Organ.
By J.S. Bach. Sequenced by Jim Michmerhuizen.

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Nicholas Gordon

When at the same time one feels joy and sorrow,
Sunlit sadness weeping golden tears,
Glad today but wary of tomorrow,
Half-consumed by pride and half by fears;
When one possesses what one most desires
Yet knows that one must soon that fortune lose,
Rich in all that happiness requires,
Yet poor, for what one knows one would not choose;
When the day, rolling in its glory,
Must meet its gaudy end in unsought night,
Then one must find the beauty in one's story,
And, like the sun unceasing, pour forth light.
So will I, till you come home again,
Still feel this joy resplendent through my pain.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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